Trending Hairstyles

Trending Hairstyles

Trending Hairstyles

Wellington has some of the most interesting nightlife and culture in New Zealand and the world! With so much to do, so many ways to be seen, and style and fashion everywhere, your hair needs to match how fabulous you are! Wear trending hairstyles in Wellington with pride and style!

1) The Braided Bun

Think milk maid gone super model with this fascinating hairstyle that looks even more beautiful from the back than it does from the side and front! Two braids go up each side and culminate at the nape of the neck in an elegant braided bun. You'll seem demure but also incredibly alluring with this unique look!

2) The Fishtail Braid

This hairstyle puts a new take on the traditional braid. The Fishtail is complex and aesthetically attractive and works just as well with a hip skirt and top as it does with a knockout dress. Play the intrigue with this mysterious braid.

3) Faux Bob

Trending Hairstyles

Short in the front but long in the back, this faux bob is a fake out for the ages. Take your hair from long to short in just a few steps for a look that is pure forties movie star glamour. Hair is left long in the back, giving you the best of both worlds!

4) The Top Knot

Perfect for seeming low key and yet impossibly elegant, it's hard to beat the top knot when it comes to looking put together without trying too hard. Take the bun to the next level with this trendy and right now hair style! Your top knot can be messy or sleek and contained--- it's up to you. 

5) Waterfall Braid

A waterfall braid is one of the coolest trending hairstyles out there! Get all the elegance of an elaborate braid with all the femininity that comes with free flowing, waved hair. Curls cascade down your back, providing a dramatic counterpart to the patterned interweaving of the braid that adorns the sides and the back of the head like a beautiful crown. 

6) Glamour Weave

Sometimes you just want to make waves and you can make big waves with the glamour weave. Get a hairstyle worthy of a Greek goddess perched by the side of a magical pool. These elaborate, dramatic waves are not only face framing and exquisite but are sure to make you the center of attention in any room. 

7) Side Fishtail Crown Braid

Look like the queen of the mermaids with this hip, bohemian hairstyle! It frames the face nicely and is so feminine and cute, every girl will want to know where you got it, and every guy will want to know who is wearing it. Wear your braid like a crown and let the rest of your hair hang loose with this spectacular style.

If you want a great new hairstyle to wear out at night or to an event, consult Mane Salon in Wellington! With some of the best trending hairstyles Wellington has to offer, the Mane Salon at can set you up with an elegant hairstyle you will absolutely love. Check them out today!

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